One thought on “peace protestor in Iran

  1. thanks for the visit and the comments today… i responded to you on my blog, but am unsure if that shows up for you – i’m fairly new to this blog thing and haven’t figured it all out, yet. i’m pasting my comment here. it has nothing to do with your post – but yes, she is very beautiful. reminds me somewhat of the “afghan girl” photo from national geographic…

    “thanks for that! it’s nice to know i’m not the only one trying to work through this. i’ve been toying with why i’m in this condition… i think it’s not only just being embarrassed. maybe it’s partly that when i think of strong christian women i generally come up with a list of women not so much like me. different than i am, nothing wrong with them, but i think a struggle has developed – at least in my mind – about how to reconcile the woman i am with the mold of a “good christian” woman i have in my mind. i’m certain there’s a blog post in this… i’m gonna work on that. “

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