They Call Us Sisters

Today I came home from work to receive one of my birthday presents . . . my sponsorship packet from Women for Women International.

I learned that my new sister is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is 28 years old. I wrote to her immediately, telling her that I am so happy to finally learn her name and see a picture of her face. I sent her a photo of myself . . . a goofy one w/ a big grin & my black framed glasses. Now there will be a photo of me floating around D.R. Congo. Surreal. I can’t wait to send stickers to her children–that’s one of the few things we are allowed to send.

Here’s a video from the WFW website. Please be forewarned that it’s fairly disturbing. I guess I’m posting it as a tangible reminder to myself that people (women . . . . sisters) are in danger. I wonder if my new sister lives in a village like this one?

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