Grateful Living – Day 3

Today I’m grateful for the BBC News website. Pulling up its images of the Mexico floods onto the computer screen is so much more effective than the fleeting spouting that comes from TV news.

There is time to think about places I never knew existed . . . . like Tabasco.
“Some 80% of the state is under water and 800,000 people are homeless in the state’s worst flooding in 50 years.”

Time to think about the people on this truck.


And the people who didn’t fit on that truck.

Time to ponder the long term ramifications . . . ” . . . 100% of the state’s crops were lost.”

Time to find out where it is, and learn about how beautiful it was before the water came.


Today I’m grateful for for showing me that donating to Save The Children or Unicef might be good ways to respond.

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