Gratitude – Day 5

A month of Thanksgiving continues . . . Today I’m thankful for my memories of yesterday . . . thankful to Andy for going out and scoring the Sunday paper and the fresh bagels while I stayed in bed writing.

I’m thankful to Western Bagel for not selling cheese, thereby causing Andy to have to go next door to the Kosher Market where the only cheese he could find was this:


I’m thankful for Andy’s ingenuity in buying that Laughing Cow Cheese, unwrapping a couple of those cute little triangles and melting them into a skillet full of conscience-easing cage-free eggs.

He did all this while I sat unaware, typing away, until the moment when my lap top was replaced by a plate of the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had in my life. And the fresh bagel was super yummy, too.

I’m thankful to be so spoiled & wishing today could be more like that.
Alas, it’s off to the office for me.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude – Day 5

  1. Today-I am thankful for cute little boys who love orange cats. My son came to tell me he loves me by purring and butting his head up against me like his giant orange kitty(Claude) had just done for him.

    While I realize that this is almost cute on the throw up level-I have to point out that the next time I see this child today I’ll be taking him to in-line hockey practice and he will be full of machismo so he can suvive!

    Hope you get spoiled some more today!

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