Grits, Fringe & Sia

This one goes out to Colorado & Australia . . .


Today I’m thankful for my new-blog-friends (aka My Imaginary Friends). It’s amazing how quickly cyberspace can take over one’s life. First I was addicted to blogging. And now I’ve taken to mentioning my new-blog-friends in conversations to my actual close friends & family. So I’ve got: My Imaginary Friend in Colorado, My Colorado Imaginary Friend’s Dear Friend, and My Imaginary Friend in Australia. Is there a capital L on my forehead yet?

Gals, I had to take our chat off the “About” page. I’m that compulsive.

But I’ve reprinted it below for your viewing pleasure / additions.

p.s. Sia sounds like this. I haven’t watched the video yet . . . but will get around to it soon.


wineymomma (My Colorado Imaginary Friend’s Dear Friend) said,
November 6, 2007 at 9:40 am


Just wanted to write a little to you because after only reading your blog I feel like we could possibly be bookends (that sounds a little internet stalkerish, sorry).

First-I just read your comment on thirty voices about grits. Some advice: don’t use instant grits as they are repulsive, try cheese grits because as my seven year old will tell you everything is better with melted cheese, and lastly the above mentioned seven year old will tell you that the best breakfast in the world is a soft fried egg on top of a bowl of buttery grits (my mom and dad did this to her/me and now we have to get up 15 minutes early to fix this concoction). The only other advice I can give on this subject is that you must use salt to really appreciate a good bowl of buttery grits!

Anyway, I have a dear friend from NJ that was born in the same year as you and me. She and I met when our husbands were stationed in North Dakota. We quickly discovered that she and I had the same passion for all things music. We used to sit and finish the lyrics for each other. It seemed like every memory we would share with each other had a soundtrack to it.

I really and truly enjoyed reading your bio and learning about your soundtrack. I am a little envious of your experiences. Even though I am the only one of five that has left hometown SoVa it seems like I have always done what is “expected” of me. I have recently (at 37) begun spreading my wings and learning what I like and not what I’m “supposed” to like.

Keep the music rolling (and keep sharing it with me)!


Ruth said,
November 6, 2007 at 9:51 am

Hi Dee!

So appreciate our correspondance – it feels good making a new friend. Will write a more thoughtful response soon, as I must rush to work now.

But – can you help me with something? I have no memory of blogging about grits! Nadine commented to me as well asking about grits – and I sincerely don’t remember ever mentioning them. I must be having a senior moment! Can you remind me which post it is?

Thanks! More soon,

Nadine (My Imaginary Friend in Australia) said,
November 7, 2007 at 4:19 am

Hello Ruth!
I just wanted to say that I asked you about grits and bangs because they are two words that I never understood. While I was asking you about bangs I thought you might be able to demystify the whole dilemma I have with ‘grits’ as well seeing as you know the lingo, not because you wrote about it somewhere.

Anyway, I’m getting there.

Bangs – is the equivalant of a fringe and
Grits – can be instant or not, buttery or cheesy (but what are they???)

You must be so confused. But really I just asked you as a random thing, not in reference to anything you’d written.

PS – You’ve got me thinking about what I’m grateful for – there’s so much!

Ruth said,
November 7, 2007 at 7:08 am

Hey Nadine,

Thanks for joining the conversation. What a relief that I wasn’t having a “senior moment” (in other words, utter brain fade.) About once every 8 weeks or so, I’ll have a really forgetful moment. I used to say I felt like I might be getting “early alzheimer’s” but have sinced stopped out of superstition that I might create a self-fulfiling prophecy . . . Anyway . . . . I coudn’t resist asking the question. So thanks for the reassuring answer.

We’re going to get to the bottom of this mystery of the food neither one of us has ever eaten: According to, Grits are defined this way, “A popular dish in the southern United States, prepared as a side dish or a hot breakfast cereal. It consists of coarsely ground grain such as corn, rice, or oats and is often cooked with water or milk.”

Sincerely though, I love the topic of word usage. One American term that I think differs from the way the rest of the English speaking world uses it is “pissed”. . . I actually thought of you & UK readers when I used it. We use it to mean livid / angry, not drunk. But that’s a common one you’re probably aware of. What gets me are the differing uses of Poof & Fag . . . In America we puff cigarettes and fag is one of those words no one in their right mind would use politely unless they were, in fact, gay and felt entitled to use derogatory slang much like rappers use the “n” word . . . In Britian one might ask for (try to bum?) a fag from a poof . . . but no one would ever call a chap “a poof” to his face, would they? Any light to shed from Australia?

Glad you’re enjoying the gratitude theme & glad you’re feeling grateful.

wineymomma said,
November 7, 2007 at 1:04 pm

Grits ar very much like polenta in italian cooking. Just a bit less firm!

Love you guys for the sharing!


Nadine said,
November 7, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Thanks Girls, I’m no longer shrouded in confusion!

Well here if we are livid/angry we say “Pissed-Off”. And yeah, just “pissed” on its own for drunk along with “plastered”, “blind”, “wasted”, “messy”…
When I was a kid we use to eat boxes of musk lollies that where made to look like cigarettes, they where called “fags” – all kinds of wrong I know! They’ve since been renamed ‘Fads” – I can’t believe they can get away with making them at all. Nobody really uses ‘fag’ for cigarettes anymore – it sounds pretty lame. Slang words for a cigarette around here are “durry”, some people say “rolly” (if there hand rolled), I’d don’t really know too many coz I don’t smoke! But some people still call each other fags and poofs – usually homophobic guys to other equally as homophobic guys – I’d never use either word.

PS – Re your msg on my blog. Who is Sia? Obviously she’s an Aussie.

9 thoughts on “Grits, Fringe & Sia

  1. ruth – that’s okay… it’s cool to have cyber friends, trust me, i know. it’s even cooler to sit around with your dear friend while you discuss what your new cyber friend had to say. no capital l’s on our foreheads!

  2. Awww – Thanks, M. That makes me feel truly good. I hope you’re having a great day. I had insomnia last night and came out of bed to surf. When I stopped by your place to check for the Haiku topic for the week, it was only then that I realized (DRAT!) today is Thursday.

    For those of you who don’t know (that would be Mom – since she’s the only other human being who reads this), M = My Imaginary Friend in Colorado. Yay!

  3. I have heard that having imaginary friends is a sign of genius!

    Today is Thursday and in my world that means I don’t have to pack lunch for my daughter tomorrow. I think it might be a little sad that this is the highlight of Thursday for me!

    Anybody remember the song with the lines:

    Soy une parador
    I am a loser baby….

    Have a super day!


  4. It should be a holiday: Happy Anticipation of No Pack Lunch Day!

    Beck! I always thought he was singing:

    Soar Over Canada!
    I’m a Loser Baby,
    So why don’t cha Kill me.

    Which makes today: Happy Share Incorrect Lyrics Day!

    I better move my butt or it will become Happy Late To Work While Your New Manager Is Waiting For You Day! Eeek!

    Psuedo holidays inspired by Transplantingme dot com ;)

  5. and speaking of grits… i think the only way to have them is with cheese and peppers. and because i know that’s the best way to have them, i’m even gonna share my great aunt dolly’s cheese and jalapeno grits recipe.

    1 c. grits
    4 c. boiling water
    1 egg
    2 dashes of salt
    garlic to taste
    1/3 c. of oil
    10 oz. grated cheddar cheese
    Jalapenos – as many as you dare (or you can substitute one small can of green chilis)

    Mix all together in a glass casserole dish and bake for 1 hour in a preheated oven. It should be cut with a knife firm.

    trust me, the best ever!

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