Happy (?) Veterans’ Day

Have you heard of Any Soldier.com? It’s an amazing site that gives you all the info you need to send care packages abroad to the men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces. Not only that, but you can read notes from the soldiers and prepare care packages based on their current needs & requests.

For example, just today, Cpl Anderson wrote from Iraq, “If it isnt too much to ask, we need some cold weather socks for the upcoming winter we are about to have. Just to name a few other things, green tea, plain black beanies, and some beef jerky. ”

I’m grateful to read first-hand how the soldiers abroad describe their work environment and give a glimpse of what they are going through.


SGT Dickson posted today “The soldiers that are all around me appreciate all you have given us thus far. We have been here since March, we are hoping to leave in June next year. It is comforting to know that you have us in mind when you send items that you think we could use and need.”

Note to self: prepare another care package.

2 thoughts on “Happy (?) Veterans’ Day

  1. Thank you for your support to the military family. I have said that the ideals of people like you ground me. I tend to swing to the very conservative side and need to hear from gals like you to keep myself from getting too self-righteous.

    so from the military family Thank you!!!



  2. Hi Dee,

    Thanks for your note. I don’t think I realized that you’re a part of a military family. The gratitude goes to you & yours for your service. Sincerely.

    I don’t tend to run into folks from the “very conservative side” (as you say) in my social circles or line of work, or even at my church – so the fact that you’ve become such a fun part of my blog makes me happy. Your notes always brighten my day. So again, thanks.

    Guess what? Andy and I just decided last night that our main “celebration activity” on Christmas morning is going to be assembling care packages for the troops abroad. My parents are coming to town, so we’re going to buy socks, jerky, red vines, etc. for soldiers instead of too many gifts for each other. We’ll sit around the tree writing post cards & packing up boxes for soliders. I’ve been wanting to find a way to make Christmas more meaningful–so this is a good fit. My hope is that this will not possibly become a tradition.

    Have a great day….. Ruth

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