Oh man!

I skipped a day!


I’m currently feeling fatigued by my decision to post each and every day. And so I failed to post yesterday.

Excuses: there’s a whole lot going on at work (my brain is feeling the stress); plus, I thought keeping the child-soldier awareness piece on top for a day longer may not be a bad thing. But I want to keep my commitment to keep posting about gratitude – because pausing to be grateful “in public” this way feels important.

When I’m in my right mind, I’m always grateful for air & expanding lungs & oxygen in my blood, and for the blood itself and the heart to pump it to my limbs, the limbs that I’m so grateful for. It’s an endless loop and it does play in my head nearly every day and often times more than that. The more I remember the more peaceful I feel.

But to post each day – trying to find something post-worthy (whatever that is) is time consuming. So I’ll allow quickies like this. Goodnight.

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