Grateful to be appreciated

Today started out right in several ways.

1. I got to go to my WW weigh-in where it was confirmed that I’ve lost 10.4 lbs since September 21st. Yay!

2. I got to walk down the street to the sweet Mom & Pop shop for my $2 – 16oz. serving of delicious piping hot coffee to go.

3. Then I got to walk back up the street, back to the WW meeting for a really nice discussion on how we can all take better care of ourselves.

4. I got to walk over to Elle’s for more of that good coffee followed by a great 2 mile walk during which she filled me in on her adventures over the last couple of months. Her stories are so entertaining!

5. I got to go to work, where one of the producers said to me, “There’s something on your desk.” To which I replied:


The something on my desk was this:


It came with a sweet note of appreciation from a handful of our senior managers & boss-types. Turns out I’m doing a good job.

6. Now I get to walk to dinner with my true love. Sigh. Things are looking up.

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