Let the countdown begin



Started my holiday errands today. It was odd having the German Advent “Kalender” nestled in the same shopping basket with the Hanukkah candles and a mesh sack of gelt.

After 13 years of living in Los Angeles, this is the first time I’ll be staying in town for Christmas. Mom & Dad will be joining us. Although we’ll be having Hanukkah on schedule and Mom & Dad will miss it, we will be making Andy’s family latke recipe as a part of Christmas brunch. Lox & candy canes here we come.

2 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin

  1. Oooh! I’m so excited. We used to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas every year with our family friends but since they moved I haven’t had a decent latke! They happen to be one of my favorite foods (I had a sweet potato one from the deli the other day. It was okay but still not like home made!)

    I bet my daughter has forgotten how to play dredle. There’s a goal for the long weekend!


  2. Dee – I’m going to hook you up w/ Andy’s family recipe . . . . It’s super yummy. And I personally love having it because it’s his Grammy’s recipe as written to me from both of her daughters (Andy’s Mother & Aunt). I’ll email it to you before Hanukkah.

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