Sunday Morning Dreams of Music & Money

I woke up this morning completely comfortable: clean cozy bed & covers – under shelter – safe – dry – warm – but not too warm – plenty of light – but not too bright – oxygen – and there was even breakfast to eat.

This must be heaven.


What’s more, for the first time in many nights, I did not dream about excel spreadsheets. THANK GOD!

I slept through the night without any tossing & turning. THANK GOD!

I even had sweet dreams. THANK GOD!

This morning just before I woke up, I dreamt that magazine pages could play videos. You just touch the bottom of the picture and the film starts. I was reading/watching a magazine about a short film contest. Yoko Ono had won. Her film featured John floating outside of her Manhattan penthouse window singing in through the curtains. I could see his mouth moving and hear the music – a rockin’ love song, but one I made up – not a real Lennon tune. Yoko went to meet him at the window, embraced him and jumped out to be with him. At that point, I was no longer watching the film from the magazine page; I was there in the penthouse at the window looking out & down. They flew off together into a cloud. The fog of the cloud quickly dissipated to reveal neighboring NYC buildings. It was beautiful.

I also dreamt that I was at a fund raiser for the Democratic Party where Jack Black and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were performing on two different stages. I had my old lame chunk of a digital camera with me – and got lots of good shots of Jack singing. But as soon as I took one picture of Anthony, his roadie was in my face trying to confiscate my camera. I was like,

“I’ve got tons of good Jack pics; I’m keeping this memory card!.”
He said, “Fine, but I need the camera.”
Me: “Dude.”
Roadie: “Look, I’ll give you $100; which is more than that thing is worth, but I need the camera. No more pictures allowed.”

So I proceeded to empty out my camera bag (odd dream-non-logic) and it was filled with crumpled up bills – 50s, 100s, 20s. I thought, “Thank goodness; plenty of cab fare.

One thought on “Sunday Morning Dreams of Music & Money

  1. Jack Black is a spunk!! Wish I would dream about him!

    LOL!! Nadine – I think we’re having another one of those Australian slang vs. American slang moments. . . . . and it’s high-larious!

    Did you see my post which hints at my one degree of separation between me & Jack?
    Check out the end & click on “Thuy was holding out on me.” Sigh.

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