Watching the trees


I’ve taken to doing my job-related errands (walks to the bank and post office) after dark these days. My motivation? 4th street in Santa Monica has giant balls lit in various glowing gem tones hanging from all of the trees. They aren’t just glowing gem tones, the colors change slowly – slower than a deliberate exhale and inhale combined – so that you have to watch to see it happen. And watching the trees isn’t normally what people do when walking or driving down the street. We look, but rarely watch.

The tree orbs have completely brightened (no pun intended) my point of view on having it be pitch dark at 5:02 pm. Tonight as I walked back from my jaunt, even though I was headed back to the office for another couple hours of work, I had a big grin on my face. I had to fight the urge to say to the woman walking next to me, “They’re so pretty.”

Some people sleep on 4th street – it’s their home. And if I were them, I’d be peeking up through my barrier of blankets to watch the orbs in the trees.

You know what else? Someone in the city has begun assembling an outdoor ice skating rink at 5th & Arizona. I’ll be able to skate on my lunch break, or perhaps after a random Tuesday night happy hour. Cheyene knows I HATE getting on iceskates. Particularly iceskates that are on ice. Slipping is not fun to me. But it’s good to embrace a lack of control now & again. So I’ll do it. And I’ll take pictures. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Watching the trees

  1. If you need to refrain from making comments to strangers when you’re astounded by beautiful things I can see myself making constant faux pas in your part of the world!

    PS – Tumbleweed snowmen! I’d like to see that! Have a great long weekend, hope your writing withdrawals don’t get too bad.

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