Over the River and Through the Woods


Picking up the sweaters from the cleaners tonight . . . throwing them into a suitcase & heading east to New Mexico. It always feels wrong refering to New Mexico as east. Particularly when the vibe there is so much more western than in Santa Monica. What are those rolling balls of dead hay you see blowing out onto isolated roads in the cartoons & cowboy movies? Totally New Mexico, not Los Angeles. Anyway, I’m heading east before dawn tomorrow. And did I mention, I love going to New Mexico. Santa Fe specifically.

I’ll be there tomorrow through Sunday & not so sure I’ll be able to get on line. And if I can, it won’t be like staying at Mum & Dad’s (where I’m free to be me). I’ll be with Andy’s parents (where I’m still on my Best–NOT-writing-for-hours-on-end-without-moving-more-than-my-fingers-“Honey, heat up my coffee?”–Behavior). It’ll be nice – I truly like Andy’s family (all of them) immensely. But I anticipate that breaking my posting streak might feel uncomfortable.

I think I’m about ready to have some withdrawal. Although, it’ll be a good time to catch up on my reading. There are those rectangular shaped things with hundreds of thin flaps with words written on both sides. Ahh, methodone. I’ll probably still get some hours of writing in as well. I just won’t be able to “fall in”. So it goes.

Okay – so right now, Lily’s under the table and is literally reaching her paw over gently to touch my big toe. Claws retracted, so there’s just fur pressing down. In LilySpeak, this means, “Brush me.” She usually just meows but today I’m getting the soft paw. She’s so sweet it aches. Time to go.

4 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. Have you ever seen three tumbleweeds stacked on top of each other, painted white and decorated like a snowman. They are very cool. sometimes people in southern NM put lights in them too!

    Okay I admit it I am lonely and going to miss you guys!

    Have fun in Santa Fe


    PS I want one of those who’s among us maps!!!

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