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Loving Jeff Goldblum Today

My Pollyanna Moment of the day (and it’s coming in at a whopping 5:56am) is realizing that if I’ve got the post-vacation blues (and I do), it’s something to be thankful for because it means I must have had a wonderful time away.

There. I’ve logged another entry towards my “Let’s make November a whole month of giving thanks” endeavor. Check.

Unexpectedly, true-to-my-manic-train-of-thought-internal-monologue-habit (Oh, when will I get back to the yoga studio & learn to quiet down?) that leads me (Domino-Style) to realizing another item to be thankful for: being vertical and typing at 5:58am means that my wish for finding time to write was granted. Presto.


Later: so I spent 70 minutes writing, right up until the time when Andy got out of the shower, made the coffee (God Bless Him!) and sat in bed to watch our daily hour of a DVD before the dreaded moment when he has to leave for work and I have to get ready to do the same. Today the DVD is Pittsburgh starring Jeff Goldblum. Totally charming.

So I’m putting the little piece I started writing on hold until tomorrow. Double presto – another reason to get out of bed in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Loving Jeff Goldblum Today

  1. so I have made the first step to starting my own blog. I got all of my pictures downloaded this afternoon and hopefully by tomorrow I too will be blogging along with you all!!

    I’m so glad you’re back and so glad you found something to be thankful for!!



  2. Inspired by Pittsburgh, Andy rented the ’60’s film of the musical “The Music Man” tonight. I’m completely enjoying it, but can’t help but thinking: Eddie Izzard needs to star in the next production of this play. I will pay lots and lots of money to see that. I’m going to start a campaign to see if we can make it happen. Let’s all write letters to Eddie telling him!

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