Shhhh . . .

Don’t tell my bosses I’m blogging at work! For what it’s worth, Thuy & Lap–in case you’re watching my screen via the cool gizmo that shows you what any work station in North America (or at least here in the building) is doing–I do have my self-purchased-rapidly-cooling-WW-frozen dinner positioned uncomfortably in the space between my ribs and the keyboard where my arms ought to be resting.

Now, as a person who’s working late, I know I could have gotten in on the PF Chang’s dinner order – compliments of big brother – but I prefer to stick with the WW sure thing – 4 points, baby. Besides, when I buy my own meal, it makes me feel less guilty for taking a little blog-break.

After dinner, it’s back to the grind. Staples to remove & pages to restaple. Emails to send, etc., etc.. Gotta get it done tonight because tomorrow afternoon, I’m leaving early for another Coronation. Makes me want to post one last thing for the day:



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