Needle & Drill


Can I say I love my dentist? Not in the freaky stalker way. Not in the Marsha Brady way. Not in the Addicted-to-Surgery way. Not even in the sarcastic way. No, none of those. I mean in the Holy F#$%! – I’m wearing my 2nd temp crown and the worst of my four fillings and two crowns is behind me – way!

This one was nearly a breeze. The way things have been going at work lately, I was actually happy to leave the world of Excel & pressure to lie back, breathe in the nitrous and open my mouth for the needle & drill.

Dr. Dentist asked me about my upcoming Hanukkah plans and just when the gas was cranking and the novocaine spike was puncturing my gum, the assistant began-and did not stop-performing The Entire Hanukkah song. (Which she later referred to as “Like Jingle Bells, only Jewish”.) Doctor and I just couldn’t get over the fact that she knew all of the words right up until the very end. As soon as I was free of the metal in my mouth, I said, laughing, “New rule: no singing when I have a needle in my jaw!”

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