Overheard at Work Today

I heard only the last line of this conversation, but I think it must have started out something like this:

VFX Artist: Let’s go get some lunch.
Producer: It’s raining.
VFX Artist: So?
Producer: I like the rain, but not if it’s actively raining.

This, from Los Angeles, where flashes of lightening mean the Gods must be taking photographs of us. 

4 thoughts on “Overheard at Work Today

  1. I like the rain-especially when it is actively raining. Living in Colorado we don’t get much rain-I think there are something like 350 precipitationless days per year in Colorado Springs! There is something to be said for a rainy day.

    Sending LOL and thoughts about the good times!

  2. Actively raining…yep, only in LA. That’s like when my friends say, “Let’s go hiking.” and I’m having images of gearing up at REI and what they really mean is, “Let’s go check out gay guys at Runyon Canyon.”

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