Rare day of rain. Nice.

I’m just back from WW (1.2 lb loss since before Thxgiving; brings my total to nearly 12 lbs. lost since September. Yay!), and I’m settling in to check email before work when I hear behind me that gentle sigh of the coffee maker. Not the repeated gurgles that say, Almost done brewing. But the soft airy sound that says, Still hot & ready for you. It’s a present left by Andy. He put my cup right next to the machine.


And it’s Friday. So thankful.

Driving home from WW my train of thought bounced from this great posting challenge idea I want to submit to 30 voices to Wineymomma’s new blog to her entry yesterday about finding joy even amidst our grief when people die. I had commented to her about my old buddy F-O. But today, even amidst my joyful memories of him, I felt the grief. I’m still mad that he didn’t make it. It still makes me cry.

But my coffee cup is filled with warmth. And I’m so blessed. And F-O would laugh at me for crying. Which makes me smile.

3 thoughts on “Rare day of rain. Nice.

  1. Congratulations on your WW success. Keep up the good work (That’s the RD in me speaking).

    I think your challenge idea for 30 Voices is a great one.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks so much, Jenn. Especially since you’re an RD (and an amazing cook, it sounds like), I’m happy to have your encouragement.

    I think my run on sentence in the post made it confusing. I didn’t actually reveal my idea. Hopefully 30 Voices will use it in the coming weeks.

    Hell, I’ll share it with you here now just for fun…. and if it doesn’t get selected, we can do it on our own, right? It’s: “The Best Moments of our Lives” List 5-10-15 of your best memories. In other words, what are those snapshot moments that you want to be able to recall for as long as you live?

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