Kvetching Shiksa

One day left to prepare. Dammit! I’m not ready.

1. The family latke recipe is not yet printed from my e-mail archives (thank Adonai for yahoo’s years’ long storage allowance).

2. The hanukkiyah (commonly & incorrectly referred to as a mere “menorah”) hasn’t been found from whence I stowed it last year. Nor has it been dusted & arranged with candles in waiting.

3. Only 4 of the 8 gifts are bought & none of those are wrapped.


4. I have neither purchased The Art of Jewish Living’s “Hanukkah Guide” nor borrowed it from the library like I did last year. Grandma would have been so proud that I availed myself of the public library; that is, once she overcame the confusion of her Methodist daughter’s Presbyterian daughter deliberately memorizing the mitzvah berakhah.

It’s true, I am not one of the chosen. I’m The Girlfriend Who Tries Too Hard. I have been described as being deeply spiritual. And I truly love ancient rituals. Especially illumined ones that are centered around gratitude and worship.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m kvetching for not being ready.

But this is double duty. Just as soon as items 1-4 are completed, The Christmas List Starts. Holy Christ! The non-denominational Peace-Love-Joy greetings are not yet purchased-signed-addressed-nor-stamped. Will work on that task by the light of the candles in the coming days. Sure, I could shelve it this year, but reaching out is important; there are folks out there I want to send a smile to. Besides, greeting cards are what differentiate us from the beasts. Greeting cards and the ability to worry about the future: the shining hallmarks of the human race.  Meshuganah!

6 thoughts on “Kvetching Shiksa

  1. I’m not sending Christmas cards this year! I decided to use the mountain picture on a Happy New Year card! I believe your Hanukkah will be lovely and that you will be celebrated for the giving person that you are.

    Have you run across any children’s books about Hanukkah that would be handy? I would like to do that this evening!
    Maybe I’ll run to the bookstore after I drop off Bubba today.


  2. Aw, thanks, Dee. As ever, you’re so sweet to me.

    Don’t cha love my presto magic editing on the comments? We’ve got to teach bh, er ah wallbuilder how to do that. :)

    re: Hanukkah books – I don’t have any recommendations – but I bet the bookstore will have a pretty display of Han-Chris-wanza books . . . I LOVE children’s books. If you come accross any good ones, please let me know.


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