Still Kvetching


You may be saying to yourself, “Hey! Tonight’s the first night of Hanukkah. What’s that hanukkiyah doing with all those flames?” Very perceptive of you. You caught me. Those are not only last year’s candles, those’re last year’s latkes. And they’ll have to do for the moment.

This is the 4th consecutive week at work that I’ve had to do the jobs of two people. It would take six double shifts to get fully caught up the way I’d like to be. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say about that, except for the fact that I’m getting tired. And crisp around the edges.

I’m especially bummed out about not having the energy to do all the things I’d like to do before & after work. Things like having dinner with Andy and exercising and blogging with proper posts and preparing for the holidays and unpacking my suitcases from Thanksgiving and cleaning the bathroom. Okay, you caught me again. I’ll rephrase: I wish I had the energy to do things like having dinner with Andy, blogging properly and preparing for the holidays.

No matter what the rest of the week holds, Saturday afternoon is reserved for making lots of latkes. Insha’Allah. Or is that Insha’Adonai? God willing, that yummy fried goodness topped with applesauce & sour cream is coming my way. I can hold out until then.

7 thoughts on “Still Kvetching

  1. Yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t make it to the bookstore yesterdy b/c of Lullibell’s ER trip.

    I plan to go today because it is not too late. Also thought about hitting the dollar store for 8 small presents to donate after the holiday to our food pantry. I think it will help the kids understand more of the spirit of the season.

    I think everything you get done is amazing. I don’t know how working women do it!!!!!


  2. ” . . . 8 small presents to donate after the holiday to our food pantry. . . . ”
    I LOVE IT! A great simple lesson for the kids (and for big people, too!) Way to go, Dee!

    Is Lulli-Mon feeling better? I’ll look for your answer over at “your place.”

  3. Hey-

    heading to bed soon but just wanted you to know that Hanukkah was a big hit tonight. We read WHAT IS HANUKKAH? and unwrapped our first present: baby slippers!


  4. Ruth,

    Seeing this picture reminds me that there is a breakfast dish that the Belarusians make with cottage cheese pancakes. You top it with jam and sour cream. Scott has tried them and says they are wonderful.

    I think we’ll try them for breakfast this weekend.

    Happy Hanukkah!

  5. Jenn – Oooh – If you try them, please post about it this weekend, I would love to hear. They sound WONDERFUL. Perhaps you’ll share the recipe? :)

    Dee – Way to go! You’re such a good ‘momma! Our first night was . . . how shall I say? Less of a hit. I had to work until nearly 8pm, got home to an exhausted household, discovered that the candles are too wide & had to start carving wax. When Andy found the energy to read the prayers, I kvetched at him for sounding sarcastic towards God. I fell asleep before the candles burned all the way down and later realized that Andy had blown them out. You’re not supposed to blow them out! I thought. And then I laughed at myself trying so hard. I hadn’t gotten around to wrapping the gifts (which are still at work) – and that was a good thing. I realized that the ritual alone is nice and gifts are really for kids. Trying to shake that gift giving compulsion the older I get.

  6. Happy Hannukah! Wanna know what’s weird? When I was going to school in Pomona, I used to be invited to all kinds of Hannukah parties (and seders and bat/bar mitzvahs). Keep in mind I’m Muslim, so people thought that weird anyway. FF a decade and I lived in Hollywood in a heavily Jewish neighborhood, granted they were Hassidim, but still and even most of my neighbors were Jewish. In that 8 years, I never once attended a Hannukah dinner, seder or Yom Kippur dinner.

    I was explaing to my daughter about Hannukah yesterday. I printed a worksheet that had all the dreidel, chocolate coins and candles on it. She then informed me this morning that she wants to be Jewish for the next week and that I need to get her a dreidel, preferably the $200 silver one from Tiffany’s we saw in the paper yesterday (the impetus for the whole lesson). She was looking through my home decorating magazines and saw the Hannukah layout and wants us to decorate the house. I made her a deal and lit a candle last night.

    I’m really hesitating teaching her about Kwanza now.

  7. Hey Fabooj — That is odd that the Kosher Canyon folks weren’t more hospitable. When I first moved to L.A. back in ’94, my dear friend kept refering to the Fairfax/Farmers’ Market/Canter’s area as Kosher Canyon — I never realized that it was a joke name. I went around for years referring to it as that completely ignorant that I might be offending people. I’m was that naive!

    So cool of you to celebrate Hanukkah w/ your daughter! She’s got good taste in dreidels. I looked up Kwanza now to see if there are any $200 items a sweet young person might insist upon receiving in the name of celebration. I learned Kwanza gifts must always include a book . . . How cool is that? Way!

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