Santa Came Early!

Thank you, Sweet Z.


Wow! The other day two boxes from Amazon arrived. Since my folks are visiting us for Christmas, I assumed they had sent gifts in advance. I checked w/ Mom who reported, “They must be from Santa.” This caused me to think of my new dear blog-friend (I’ll never call you “imaginary” ever again!) Wineymomma. Gesh, Moms sure do want us to go on believing forever & ever.

Last night, we decided that if the boxes really aren’t from Mom & Dad, then we better open them and give thanks to the appropriate person. So I shook up some egg nog, sprinkled some nutmeg, lit some non-Hanukkah candles and we had our first taste of Christmas, presents and all.

What you see above is all mine! Andy got his own box of treats. Z, you’re the best!

5 thoughts on “Santa Came Early!

  1. Jenn – You’re teaching me so much about my poor communication skills. LOL!

    Winey wasn’t the gift sender, Z. was. My train of thought hit on Winey because of her Santa post. But I see how my blurb can be confusing. Your feedback is good information for me to have to learn how to be a better communicator; so thank you!

    I can’t wait to read “The Giver.” I’ll let you know what I think. I must confess, I started with “Hammer of the Gods”. :)

  2. I love The Giver too. I love Lois Lowry! Thanks for the cred Jenn!

    I got my box from Mom this weekend too! Christmas is good.

    Try the book American Gods. I can’t remember the author right now but it is a really cool read!


  3. I think too much wine was the reason I was confused. You my dear are an excellent communicator. Of course now I see the time I wrote that and it was 3:09pm on a Thursday…It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. LOL


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