10 minutes to post

Ten minutes to sit here and jot something down before heading out for the day. In the last week, I’ve repeatedly resisted being a copy cat & writing An Agenda Post – but can’t figure out why. So without a good enough reason to avoid doing so, I’ll share my list of things to do:

  • Meet up w/ J at Church to rehearse our Christmas Eve Candle Light Procession. She’s calling this a Spiritual Interpretive Movement Piece (or something or other). I’m calling it a Candle Light Procession. I’ll process, she can interpretively move. Yes, I volunteered for such a thing. I wanted to give my folks something to laugh at during their visit. More on this later.
  • Attend 11am church for the purposes of figuring out what on earth the speaker says during the “personal sharing” section of the Advent Candle Lighting. You guessed it, next weekend, it’ll be me up there. I know my topic is Peace, but I’ve never seen them light the Advent Candles, so I’ve gotta get a handle on what the expectations are. At least there’s no movement involved in that one. Yeah, I know. I’m probably too involved at this place for a person who shies away from the Sunday Morning Thing on a regular basis. I’d rather have it be this way than the opposite, though.
  • Grocery store. (I’ll spare you the list.)
  • Prepare & pack craft supplies for outing w/ Chey. Drat the ipod’s not loaded up with Christmas tunes. Then again, do I really want that? Seems like it would be sort of nice since we’re going to make like Elves today. (Read on).
  • Pick up Chey, head all the way back to Santa Monica, drive through for some burgers (which we haven’t done in AGES), arrive at work (she’s allergic to Lily, so we can’t do this at my place) for an afternoon of making Christmas presents for our parents.
  • While at work, print out holiday card address labels. Must remember to scan photo for surprise gift for Nameless.
  • Drive Chey all the way back home.
  • If there’s any energy left, put up Christmas Tree.

Okay, I spent a half an hour on that . . . better run.

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