Big Arrival


Mary & Bob’s daughter, with her loving husband (my dad)
circa 1977 . . . or is it ’75?

Out of bed before 6am today. Was it the rain? No that usually calms me. Was it the anticipation of Mom & Dad’s arrival tonight? Probably not. Was it the empty stomach left by following WW to a sloppily drawn T last night? I’m gonna go with “Yes” on that one. Nothing like waking up to a growling stomach. One last day of work before a week off. I’m currently dreading trying to accomplish all that needs to be done today, but regardless of what happens, come 9:30 tonight, I’ll be standing at baggage claim with open arms . . . claiming my baggage.

Just kidding, Mom & Dad. You’re not my baggage. Can’t WAIT to see you.

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