No, that’s not me. That’s my body double.
If I ever do look like that, I’ll be sure to post pictures. Lots.
Sure, I’ll wear the rubber gloves, too.

First morning off. Siiigggghhhh. About ready to scurry around in a caffeine/rock & roll induced cleaning frenzy. Pausing to post like the good Holidailies Elf that I am.

M&D are chilling at their hotel (recovering from the madness that is LAX). Incidentally, when is LAX going to join all other civilized airports and get a central rental car center? Okay, when I say “all other” I don’t really know what I’m talking about. But ABQ & BWI have got the rental car thing down to a sweet & easy system. LAX? Not so much.

Anyway . . . the ‘rents were settled in by 11:30pm last night, happily snacking on the “pantry basket” I made for their hotel room. Should’ve taken a picture of it. I do good baskets. Harry & David Who? They got nothin’ on me. No humility about it.

Yes! Funny you should ask. I am having withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to eventually finding the time to catch up on reading all that’s new from my favorite blog sisters – you know who you are. Until then, miss you gals & hope all is well.

Now it’s time to play Alice and put some shine into this place!

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