Vacation at home

Kerplunking around the net peeking in for brief moments at my favorite blogs while I finish my egg nog (full fat – organic – spiced rum – yum).

(It’s official: after the seared tuna w/ soy sauce, cream of tomato soup, sour dough bread with butter, red wine and lobster pot pie I devoured at dinner — I’m passing on WW tomorrow a.m.. We’re within the 12 days of Christmas, right? There will be no stepping on the scale for me until NEXT Friday.)

Where was I? Favorite blogs. You know what brings a smile to my face? What has inpsired me to click “NEW POST”?

It’s going to Wineymomma’s blog and seeing Fabooj comment. It’s going to Jenn’s blog and seeing Nadine comment. Going to Fabooj’s blog and seeing Wineymomma comment. Going to Nadine’s blog and seeing Not Goth’s comment. Going to Not Goth’s blog & seeing Jenn’s comment. Going to Transplantingme’s blog and seeing Hiro from Heroes and knowing that his joy in the image represents her joy.

You veterans to this world are probably rolling eyes at my green wonder. . . but I’ve gotta pause to say, I like the web we weave.

7 thoughts on “Vacation at home

  1. Mmm. Lobster pot pie sounds heavenly.

    I noticed the “web” also and think it is awesome. I’m really enjoying reading the blogs and getting to know everyone.

  2. me too! I am totally addicted – so much so I’m sat in a car on the way to see my boyfriend’s parents reading your blogs on my phone! I love our little community! Despite having blogged back in 2001-2002 and then gave up for years, I am seeing it with fresh wonder.
    Ps: chris is driving just in case any of you were worried!

  3. LOL…I blog on my phone too…Rarely will I admit it. I’ll do it anywhere to the annoyance of my DH. I say, “If you can use my phone to check out a restaurant or some space site, then I can use my phone to blog.” It would help if he would just charge his phone.

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