“The Road to Hell . . .

. . . is paved with good intentions,” and lined with unbuilt gingerbread houses.


Pre-New Year Confessions:

  • Yes, I printed the envelope addressed to President Putin, but what I didn’t admit is that it has yet to be stuffed with a letter bearing my signature. I’ll make good on my Amnesty promise, even if it means choosing four new prisoners to write for.
  • Yes, I saved the boxes for our Soldier care packages, but on Christmas day, I was too caught up watching Andy peel potatoes to remember to visit the AnySoldier website to gather the list of goods to buy. I’ll send twizzlers and fresh rock-n-roll to Iraq before Valentine’s day. It’s not just another brick in the road, it’s not.
  • Yes, I bought the Gingerbread House Kit, but completely forgot to open it up while Mom was here. We sat around today looking at photos, and eating pumpkin mousse and reading the notes Grandma had written about her life for us. It was pretty low key, but I think Mom had an okay time.

She & Dad left less than an hour ago to head back East.

I hate goodbyes.

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