A Day Of Giving


Those of you paying attention to the Holidailies blog know that yesterday was “A Day of Giving”.

This year’s Day of Giving designated charity is: First Book.

When I think about the words “first book”, a lot of memories come to mind.
Memories like this:


And this:


That’s my niece. When she was three years old she told me she loved poetry.

When she was four and we were reading a Winnie the Pooh book together, she got confused by a phrase and asked what it meant. There was a delay in my answer–long enough for her to announce, “Oh, I know! It’s a figure of speech!”

When she was five and we drove past a library, she said, “When I’m there, I’m in my element.”

Now’s she’s 13 and recommending books to me. And they’re good books, too.

It’s really difficult for me to imagine that there are homes without books. And when I put my mind into that space – imagining a home without books – it’s too empty a feeling to register as sadness.


So everyone who hasn’t already been asked by the Holidailies crew (That’s you, Mom) . . . let’s join in with this Day of Giving. Let’s start the New Year out right. With 2 minutes and a few clicks, we can put a book into a child’s hands.

    And change a life forever.

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