Weekend is nearly here


 1re·treat Listen to the pronunciation of 1retreat  ri-ˈtrēt
Function:   noun
Etymology:   Middle English retret, from Anglo-French retrait, from past participle of retraireto withdraw, from Latin retrahere, from re- + trahere to draw
1 a (1): an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable

2: a place of privacy or safety : refuge 

I have a very special weekend planned. Will be computerless and enjoying the time away from machines and agendas. More details to come next week after all the R&R will have too quickly become a memory.

5 thoughts on “Weekend is nearly here

  1. you deserve it! I’ll miss you this weekend! I’m excited for you and excited for me because this puts me one weekend closer to my mountain retreat with the monsters! Yay!


    Oh yeah-finished the new green hat and starting on the flower hat today!

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