Following Faboo’s Orders


I’m such a sheep.  

4 jobs I’ve had:
      • Video Store clerk
      • Pizza Hut Waitress
      • TV/Film post production visual effects scheduler/coordinator/produce
      • Accountant?


 4 movies I would will  watch over and over again:
      1. Sense & Sensibility
      2. Shaun of the Dead
      3. Lord of the Rings (all parts)
      4. True Romance
4 places I’ve lived:
      1. a U.S. Navel base in the Philippines which has since been reclaimed by the jungle
      2. Upper Marlboro, MD
      3. Arlington, VA
      4. Los Angeles, CA
4 people who I email daily:
      1. Boss #1
      2. Boss #2
      3. Co-worker #1
      4. Co-worker #2
4 favorite things to eat:
      1. Cheese
      2. Bread
      3. Chocolate
      4. Bread with Cheese or Bread with Chocolate
4 places I would rather be:
      1. At a family reunion
      2. Hiking
      3. Sunday afternoon reading with Andy at the outdoor martini cafe
      4. Exploring lands I’ve never visited (in luxury & safety)
4 things I’m looking forward to this year:
    1. Getting closer to my financial goals
    2. AD’s art show in Santa Fe
    3. Getting through my first year in this new job
    4. COMPLETING the 26.2 miles with Team in Training (and raising a brief case of money to fight cancer)

11 thoughts on “Following Faboo’s Orders

  1. Chocolate and cheese should have their own food group.

    I think I forgot to tell you that my friend’s cancer surgery went very well. The lump was removed and the node was cancer free! She has to do a little radiation therapy with Dr.Tanner ( the pun options there are endless) and then they think she should be free and clear!

    Good times!!!



  2. – Kitty – Thanks! It makes me feel good to hear that someone with a professional medical background prefers walking over running.

    – Fab – Remember the smell of the kitchen? Blah! I still enjoy that greasy bready crust, though.

    – Wm – That’s very good news. Glad to hear it. Thank you.

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