7 Random things about Ruth (minus the tagging part)

Oh, Faboo, Oh Trans, . . . . Here I go following through. I’m kind of like a sheep today, but I’m going to use this new handy strike through feature to rebel just a tad. How very 8th grade of me: Look at me rebelling with my Emily patch – so much more progressive than Hello Kitty!

Here is how it works:

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1. I don’t get why – when I chat with my neice & little sister – they prefer to type kk and mk instead of ok. I mean, k, would make sense to me, but mk? I think it comes from the fact that if you are texting with a traditional cell phone – “o” is three clicks in. . . . Ah ha! “m” is the first click on the “o” button. Technology driven etymology before our very eyes.

2. When I arrive at work, I tend to re-straighten everything on my desk. It’s something I was unaware I was doing until 1999 when a co-worker pointed it out to me. I find surrendering to my tiny OCD moments without attaching heavy meaning is the best way to minimize the habit.

3. I have never eaten most vegetables. Every boyfriend who tried to “cure” me of picky eating is history.

4. Last weekend, I was hiking w/ some girlfriends – some new, some old – and we came to a rocky creek. Having made peace with my chicken self, I was going to turn back. Slippery stones is a nerve presser for me. But one of the women (she’s so cool), she said, “You can take off your shoes and walk across barefoot. . . . I’ll do it with you.” And we did. It felt so good. Cool water & sand bed. Putting my socks & boots back on with muddy feet was oddly delightful. What a gift. Thanks, YKW.

5. I don’t answer the phone unless I recognize the caller ID. Even then, I hate talking on the phone. Occupational hazard from over a decade of having to take client calls.

6. I’m only recently learning that I’m not actually shy. When I was 19, a therapist said to me that teenagers who drink usually end up depriving themselves of learning how to socialize in group settings. I finally see that meeting people at parties gets easier with practice. “Hi, I’m Ruth. How’s that fig appetizer?”

7. I hate house cleaning and rarely do it. Was raised having a house keeper come every week. So I don’t even know how to clean. On the semi-annual occasions when squirting the 409 can no longer be avoided, I turn to sites like this for help. It’s like Hints From Heloise on steroids. Reading ehow.com makes me feel empowered; whereas, skimming Heloise’s modern incarnation of a website makes me feel homicidal. I wonder why.

Let’s explore that. Read this sentence and tell me how angry you feel on a scale from 1 to 10.

From Heloise:

“Preparing tacos? Use a napkin holder to hold that taco shell steady while you add your favorite fillings. Then just wipe it off and it’s fiesta time.”

Like, I’m so feeling a 9 on the rage scale. “Fiesta time”. Wonderbread eating Bi-atch. I’ll give you a taco.

What’s wrong with me? I guess I better go to work. Yes, working again on a Saturday, again.

4 thoughts on “7 Random things about Ruth (minus the tagging part)

  1. WTG! I can’t stand talking on the phone either. And I avoid calls as much as possible. Especially if it’s my husband. I”m like, “You’re coming home right?…Well, then why don’t you tell me then.”

  2. Sorry Heloise made me laugh out loud – scared the cat. LOL.

    I hate talking on the phone as well – even with my iPhone I hate it. Seriously text or email me.

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