Happy facts by which to start a Sunday morning


 1.  For the first time in history, more Democrats voted in the South Carolina primary than Republicans.  (Nearly 100,000 more.)  

 2.   Obama got more than double (more! than! double!) the votes of McCain.

  And the red states shall be come blue . . .  

6 thoughts on “Happy facts by which to start a Sunday morning

  1. I’ve got my bags packed. I was reading over at StreetProphets an excellent diary about Huckabee and his “Christian” thoughts (remember last week he said we should change the Constitution to reflect the Bible) and his connections to people who’d like to stripped the citizenship of “non-believers” and jail as “illegals”.

    If Huckabee was president I wouldn’t mind being deported (I wouldn’t have to pay!), but I prefer to be deported somewhere tropical or at least with good cuisine.

  2. Um…yeah! No…I can eat in th UK. I had the best Italian food ever at a place in Soho owned by a Lebanese guy. And the Indian food is to die for. Still, I need my sunshine and constant 85 – 90 degree temps.

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