How cool is this?

This is an utter quickie – I’m breaking my promise not to post at work. But I’ve gotta share. Just moved into my new office yesterday. I used to sit in somewhat of a mini-bull-pen; even though I was the only bull.

So just now, the woman who assists me (not really my assistant, but the woman who assists in our department of two) brought a man to the door – my door –  who said, “I’m sorry to bother you with something so mundane, but . . . ”

Wow! That was a first.

Back to work for me. If IT is recording this, I’ll be kicked out of this office in no time for blogging on the job.

6 thoughts on “How cool is this?

  1. I dooo have a door. Of my own. :)

    I’m blogging again at work momentarily because this whole threshold thing is still freaking me out. In a good way. In a funny way. I’m having to get used to saying things like, “Come in,” and “Sit down.”

    And instead of thinking nothing of inturrupting my work (like they did last week), people stand asking for permission to enter. It’s odd. I like it.

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