Sunday fun


I’ve taken to making pancakes for Andy.


If you pay attention to the fine print on the box, there’s a special recipe . . .


. . . with special ingredients.

So of course, I had to add in those special ingredients.

Although, today, I neglected to actually measure the baking powder. I just scooped out what looked like a dash (ignoring the fact that the concepts of “dash” and “scoop” are virtually exclusive.)

I ended up with these rising monstrosities of cakes in the pan.


Look, you could put up a tent and camp underneath those things!


Seriously, though, aside from the too fluffy-fluffiness of them, these were actually not all that tasty. I used cage free egg whites and vanilla soy milk instead of the usual real eggs and real milk. They were . . . bland. To say the least. Turns out yolks and cows make for better tasting breakfast food. That’s okay, I’ve got years to work on it.

9 thoughts on “Sunday fun

  1. did you put in the lemon juice(and sugar)? It actually does help make the batter taste better. when I make those I put in some mashed banana and pecans. my monsters would eat pancakes at every meal so I have to get creative with the mix ins sometimes!

    Plus I use that recipe because i like them extra fluffy!


  2. I had used sugar last time & didn’t like the extra sweetness. But I think I will try again later w/ some sugar & lemon. And the bananas & pecans – GREAT idea! Yummm.

  3. My dad has discovered that he can make a pancake out of just about anything. His favorites are cornmeal pancakes and squash pancakes. Lullibell ate enough squash ones the last time she was at my mom and dad’s that I think she almost lost her larder instead of cleaning it out! The other thing he does is make the batter VERY thin so the pancakes get extra thin!

    But not quite as thin as a crepe. Close but not quite.


  4. Here is the BEST pancake recipe ever! Excellent with blueberries. Use 100% pure maple syrup!

    1 1/4 cups fat free buttermilk
    1 1/4 cups flour
    1 egg
    1 tsp sugar
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp salt (the dietitian in me can’t bring myself to add this much – i just shake the shaker one time)

    I think this makes about 15 3 inch pancakes – enough for me and Scott for breakfast and we always argue about who is going to eat the last one.

    My mom makes this yummy banana thing with Bisquick. I’ll ask her how to make it and post on my blog this weekend. I ordered Bisquick last week specifically to make this one recipe.

  5. Awwww, thanks, Jenn. I’m very excited to try this.

    NG & Wm, Yes, I prefer the thin ones, as well….. I was trying to make “traditional American” pancakes for Andy, but the baking powder foiled my plan.

    I had made a few chocolate chip ones and saved the left overs in the fridge. The other night I had one cold ….. it was AMAZINGLY good!

    It’s a long life with many varieties of pancakes ahead of us. I feel so :) blessed!

  6. The easiest pancake batter I’ve ever made is just coconut cream and self raising flour. Good stuff!

    Oh 100% maple syrup is the only way to go! Brown sugar and lemon juice as the topping is so yummy too! I’m wicked and have maple syrup and sugar and cream all on the same pancake.

    I also dip bread into pancake batter and fry it up. That’s good with honey and butter. We ate it as kids and my kids love it too. My Mum’s Belgian, they have some Flemish name for it, but I wouldn’t know how to spell it.

    Mmmm pancakes, good topic. XX

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