Monday morning

We were a household divided last night. Andy wanted desperately to see the perfect football season. I kept trying to tell him that if the Giants win, the perfect season will be something we have to look forward to. Like a comet or a balanced national budget.


Of course, if true sports fans were to have heard us talking about the game, it would have sounded a bit like first graders discussing the presidential election. Andy and I know that little about sports. I had to keep repeating out loud, lest I forget, “White jerseys, white jerseys.”

After the game, Andy walked out to get one of his favorite movies to console himself. It was great fun until I fell asleep. Peaceful, full belly sofa sleep.


“I’ve been offered a lot for my work; but never everything.”

We paused the movie in time for a highlight we could both agree on: Michelle Obama’s speech from earlier in the day at UCLA.


And I thought Barack was the perfect public speaker . . . Michelle is a force of nature. Brilliant. Inspiring. Funny. Passionate. Wow. If you have an opportunity to hear her speak – please take it!

New Topic

Before I start my workday, I’m compelled to mention something someone said to me a few weeks ago. I’m having trouble shaking it off. This person is a dear acquaintance of mine, someone who’s in touch with what I hold to be the important topics in my life. I hadn’t seen her in many months. When I excitedly told her that I’ve been blogging, she said, “But are you writing?”

It was sort of like back in college when I bought my 100th dozen bag of cookies and my roommate said, “It’s your body.” Both of these women know what I want in my life, and their comments were like guardrails put up to steer me towards my own self-declared goals.

Yet the reason their words have stayed with me is because it’s so hard for me to take correction. I know that a factor in getting my eating habits under control – finally – after a life struggling was the seed that roommate planted nearly 20 years ago. And if I become a regular writer someday, I’ll have “Ms. But Are You Writing?” to thank.

In the meantime, it sort of hurts. You know? I feel agitated. I’m thinking defensive thoughts. But it’s all a part of the lessons . . . How to listen: I’m upset because I know she’s right. How to let go: release nonproductive thoughts & move on. How to focus: remember what you really want. How to make peace with the unfinished: there’s only so much that can be done in any given day. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. One breath. This breath. Now.

7 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. On the subject of the big game: YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

    On the subject of writing and blogs: my thoughts have never been as organized as they are now that I am blogging. I don’t think we will write the great American novel while blogging but I do know that the amazing people that I have met since starting inspire creativity in me everyday. Look at blogging as a rough draft or an idea book. I read somewhere that JK Rowling has 34 composition books full of Harry Potter ideas! So there you go “Ms. But Are You Writing”. At least with blogging an entire forest doesn’t get consumed (Disclaimer: I am a HUGE fan of all things Potter. Ms Rowling’s choice of medium in no way affects my reading and consumption of her “stuff:)


  2. I think of my blog as a word gym.

    What ideas are popular, what’s not, and sharpening up on voice and tone. It’s great. Also, writing can be so isolating. Not with a blog!

    I also learn tons from reading other people’s blogs. Lots of character out there in the blogosphere.

    Don’t you just cringe when people give you advice and you didn’t ask for it? I do. LOL.

  3. First off. GO GIANTS. As Chris is a New Yorker I had to side with him on that one. My dislike of the Red Sox is being nutured nicely too. LOL

    Secondly. My gut wants to tell your friend to take a hike (but with less lady like words) but like you said.. anyway, I think both Kitty and WM are right. Blogging is like practice writing in someways – its nurtures my commitment to writing, my thought process, my form, my editing skills – everything. Wow Kitty is a smarty – it is a word gym.

  4. I was hoping for the perfect football season too! Now something to look forward to for next year.

    As for what your friend said – Blogging is writing, it may not be pen to paper but it’s writing all the same. I can honestly say that thanks to you my journey over the next 3 years (and probably longer) will be recorded. This is a virtual diary of sorts for me. I’m more comfortable sitting down and typing about my day in to this little white box than I ever would have been sitting and writing in a journal. The best part about this type of writing experience is the opportunity to interact with others and have them inspire new thoughts, posts and comments.

    So if we think about writing in the traditional sense, no I guess it isn’t, but if we think about writing in the keeping up with technology sense then yes you/we are and you are one of my favorite authors.

  5. Jenn . . . I’ve just noticed your comment.
    Thanks for making me cry. :)

    The virtual diary thing is key, isn’t it? We get to build this record of our weekly events – details that would be long forgotten if not noted. Details that will be useful when constructing a novel or memoir.

    And at the same time, these diaries we build are literally a global “show and tell”. Pretty powerful, when you think about it. I’m going to fry bread in pancake batter at some point this month, and I’ll say, “I learned this from my friend in Australia.” I get iPhone tips from Clare and Kitty, and even Andy knows how cute Max is and that recently egg nog was made from scratch in an American kitchen in the former Soviet-block. I do love our blogging.

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