A nod to my pal in Colorado Springs

If you search hard enough on this blog, you’ll find a couple of comments by a sweet woman in Colorado who (although she’s not met me in person) insisted that my old thumbprint “looked nothing like” me.

To her I say, Wm, I swear, there was a day when I looked like this:

It was a good day.

But you’re right, that day passed years ago.  So, I’m finally taking the time to update my pics.

You’ll see a picture from last fall on the About page, and my thumbprint is updated also.

Wm, you’ll have to fly yourself to L.A. and have BBQ with me, NG & Faboo before you’ll get another chance at veto power on my pics.

12 thoughts on “A nod to my pal in Colorado Springs

  1. Thanks, Kitty. Oh no … Do you mean the original one shown above – or the new one I just created? Maybe I should switch back to the one above. Perhaps I should have a vote. I kind of like the one above because the color scheme went nicely with my/our wordpress theme.
    Hmmmm. . . Off to MOCA today – yay!

  2. I had not seen the new one when I left the comment, but they are both great pics.

    Since your blog is new, this is the time to go with one pic and stick with it. You won’t want to change it next year.

    One pic is more serious than the other. When I first started blogging I had a serious looking avatar. People hated it, even people who didn’t know me. They “imagined” me as a smiley person. So I tried one with a smile and everyone said, “okay, that’s how I know you.”

  3. I love the new pic! I saw it on a comment you left on my blog and headed over here to see what was going on….now I know.

    My vote, new pic.

  4. I like your new pic. I didn’t have an issue with your old one though. I thought you looked like my husband’s ex-gf and he would get all mad that I’m talking to someone who even looks like her. What a nut.

    I change my avatar photos out a lot everywhere but at my blog and I have no idea why. My blogspot place, I was just lazy and nothing is more boring than cropping photos of myself. Now, I’ve decided that I’m going to change my image whenever the mood strikes me. I’ve had my current photo since Oct. now. Color me bored. I’m going to change it within the next week.

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