Mid-Week Marathon Update – Week 2


Marathon donors – you guys rock!

So many people have contacted me with donations towards my fundraising goal.  The average donation has been $171!  Hard to believe, but true.  My friends & family are that blessed & generous; and I am grateful.

By Monday, I had raised 40% of my total goal, so I did what it seems to me all good fundraisers should do, I RAISED THE GOAL!  Yes!  $4000.  It’ll happen.

Last week, I encountered the blog of a woman who does the 3 day-60 mile walk to raise money towards breast cancer research and screening.  This is her 2nd year.  Her first time around, she raised $29,000!  Amazing.  So there’s a big part of me that wonders if my $4000 goal is too tiny.

Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!
Thanks everyone.
Training update / Accomplished to date:
5 work outs – 10 miles.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.

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