What was I thinking?


I’m not giving up on WW! Nor am I giving up on girl scout cookies. This little brownie came in to our office standing about as high as my rib cage. I nearly fell out of my chair just to rush over and tell her about the time in 1976 when a neighborhood dog chased me 1/2 a block when I was selling cookies door to door.

These days kids are escorted to their parents’ offices with an entourage of body guards. Back in the day, our folks sent us out into suburbia armed with nothing but a cookie order form, a ball point pen and the instructions: Come home before dark!

Don’t worry, I didn’t bother the brownie with those details. I did however hold her hostage while I described in detail how, in 1979 my troop started a fire in the rain to make pancakes from scratch one morning while the Inferior Boy Scouts one campsite over hitched a ride with their “Leaders” to pick up McMuffins for breakfast.

She was so polite when I couldn’t stop myself from lamenting: These used to be called Do-Si-Does! Finally, I took hold of that colorful order form and I just keep checking boxes. Box after box. Yes, yes, yes.

In the end, she recited The Pledge with me. Let’s say it together now:

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times
And to live by the Girl Scout Law

Part of the Girl Scout Law probably involves showing up at work on time . . . damn. Stay tuned for a future post when we explore: Brownie Ruth – 32 years later – did she live up to the Girl Scout Promise?

7 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. A visceral moment…no need to worry about thinking just breathe in that yummy cookie smell. Some of them have a serving size of 3 or 4 so just cut that in half and savor the Little Brownie Bakery goodness!


  2. Thanks, Wm. And wise weight-watching words. You’re so right. I figured the WW points for each cookie and marked them on the box. Thin Mints are only 1 point per sleeve er, ah, I mean, per cookie.

  3. Oh man. I’ve been sitting here the last few days thinking, “Damn…I need to get my girl scout cookies!” I’ve been avoiding the local Albertsons because that’s usually where they sell. You’re tempting me!

  4. Too cute! I got asked “do you want to buy some cookies or donate them to the army?” YES! thank god there was an out there.. let the army get fat not me.

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