Marathon Training Update


Last Sunday, our team met in the hills for 7 miles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with L.A., the place pictured above is one of the several walking trails located about a 12 minute drive from my apartment. At the top you get ocean views & breezes. It’s trails like this that have kept me living in this city. These are the hills that transformed my life. But I digress.

Last Sunday, before our workout, we heard from another teammate who spoke about how his own family is in a race for a cure that might save his mother who has been battling blood cancer for nearly 2 years now. The specifics are not mine to share. What I will say is that this young man has a wonderfully charismatic personality and a giant heart. You know how some people just exude a cheerfulness right away? That’s this guy. A real joy. So when he told his story, we were all especially motivated. And touched. There wasn’t a dry eye on the trails.

I learned that so far, our team has raised nearly $100,000! Amazing! I also made a new friend during our walk.I’ve done a tad better about getting in my midweek work outs lately. So far so good w/ the Mizunos.

Accomplished to date:
11 work outs – 31 miles.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

  1. Ruth,

    This looks so beautiful. If you hadn’t have said where it was, I never in a million years would have guessed LA.

    You are amazing! Best of luck with all your training.

  2. Very close, NG; the M*A*S*H hills are further north – off of Malibu Canyon Rd.
    That’s the fantastic thing about this city – there are so many ranges to walk along. The hills pictured above are off of Mandeville Canyon Rd……just north of Brentwood.

    This reminds me, NG, I LOVE that photo of your recent engagement post. AMAZING!

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