Another day training


This is what it looked like this morning from the jetty at the L.A. Marina. Today was our 10 mile run/walk.

I spent most of the morning walking with a woman who has done 15 full marathons and over 30 half marathons. I chatted with her the way I’ve ended up chatting with several of my other walking partners I’ve met to date during this marathon adventure.

We come together because we signed up with Team in Training. As a result, we end up clocking a lot of miles & hours with people who serve to inspire. There is small talk, there are moments when we hear nothing but the Venice beach squatters sharing their first cigarettes of the day, there are stretches of time when we talk about how we came to care about raising money for the Lymphoma Society, inevitably, we do what marathoners have done during training sessions for decades before us, we recite the alphabet street names that appear sequentially from Washington to the Marina: Anchorage, Buccaneer, Catamaran, Driftwood . . . And we are lucky to be surrounded with beauty.

Today, thank God, I discovered that I don’t need new shoes. It was by fluke that I realized the socks I had worn last week are what caused the semi-painful hot spots. I switched to “wright socks” for this walk, and came through with comfort.

Other highlights of practice today: Coach Chris walked with me for the last 1/2 mile or so and (due to his handy dandy wrist watch gizmo thingy) informed me that my pace (heading towards mile 10) ranged from 15.5 minute miles to 14.14 minute miles at the end (going up a slight hill). That’s good news to me!

Side note: ever since my niece had a crush on her swim team coach – whom she called, “Coach Chris,” and referred to regularly as “Coach Chris! Coach Chris!”, I’ve taken to feeling bashfully in awe around MY “Coach Chris.” Somehow, I endured the last bit of today’s walk in stride next to him. (Shhhh, don’t tell my teammates I was blushing.)

Also, after our work out, I signed up to become a bone marrow doner. Good stuff.

Accomplished to date:
14 work outs – 51 miles.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

5 thoughts on “Another day training

  1. great photo.. whenever I look at it I start humming “California here we come..” that song which is pretty terrible actually that they used for that awful show The OC.

    Hmm. That wasnt supposed to turn out as a backhanded compliment. lol.

  2. O.K.

    Let me clarify, ladies. :)

    Coach Chris is a married man. He’s married to a beautiful woman (I saw her at the Team kick off), and they have a little boy and a baby girl.

    PLUS, I’ve got a crush on one man – my roommate – Andy.

    I think the only reason why I feel bashful around Coach Chris is that I always think of my 13 year old sweetheart of a niece who spent an entire summer beginning every sentence enthusiastically with the two words, “Coach Chris!” — “Coach Chris had lime gatorade at practice today. Coach Chris made us swim extra laps today. Coach Chris likes pineapple on his pizza. ”

    That said, Jenn – you can see a picture of the current Coach Chris here:

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