Just another day in Los Angeles

E and I have a ritual of meeting in Malibu several times a year for coffee. She was my roommate during college — brought together in the dorm lottery and we’ve been friends ever since.  If it weren’t for her, I probably would have never even moved to California.

Anyway, just off the coast, there’s a little park-like type of courtyard in the middle of some shoppes. We like to sit out in the sunshine & chat.

Last Saturday morning, we were standing outside of her truck saying goodbye when we heard the scuffling of about 22 sneakers on the pavement. No voices, just the sound of many feet moving sporadically. We looked over to see nearly a dozen men moving around a focal point gradually coming our way. They each had cameras. Who was in the middle? Hard to tell. A seemingly short man and a sort of short looking woman. As I reported later to my mother, from where I stood, she looked dumpy.

When the swarm split up and began running off to claim their next vantage points, I betrayed all dignity and yelled towards one of the guys, “Who was that?”

“Halle Berry.”


Within 24 hours, she had given birth.

So I was just at an odd angle when she passed me because anyone can see that – even 9 months pregnant – Halle Berry is about the farthest thing from dumpy ever!

My overall impression of the event is what an annoying presence the paparazzi were. That was my first time seeing them in action. Faced with that on a regular basis, I’d be as nutty as can be.

2 thoughts on “Just another day in Los Angeles

  1. It’s one thing to live in the public eye but to have your every move photographed by the paparazzi…I mean come on really? Do we really need pictures of these celebs at the coffee shops, the bookstore, on the way to the delivery room etc?

    Of course I would have given my right small toe and probably a few other body parts to have seen Halle in person! LOL

  2. A few days ago, Mom asked me if I had taken the photo in this post. She admitted she hadn’t really had time to read the text, but just noticed the picture. Mom, I love you!

    I must go on record as saying NO! I don’t hound strangers with my camera. If I had taken that photo I’d be fully out of debt and shopping for a desperately needed new carpet. Even if I had wanted to try for the golden shot, there’s no way I could have fought my way past the 11 men with cameras circling like vultures.

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