Marathon Training Update

Accomplished to date:
20 work outs – 73 miles.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

Today was a 12 mile day. Coach offered to let me borrow this fantastic device to help me check my pace (while simultaneously keeping the NSA in the loop on exactly where I was at all times). Have you seen these things?


Super fun! My overall average pace for the 12 miles was 14:46 minute miles. Right on! There was a period around mile 6 when my group split up, and a couple of us slowed down. The pace lagged to nearly 16 minute miles. But once I was off on my own for the last 4 miles, I boogied & made up the time–got the average back down under 15.

I’m so tempted to get one of these gizmos. Watching the pace sure does help the miles fly by. And now I know what it feels like when doing under 13 minute miles. It feels great!

One thought on “Marathon Training Update

  1. I want the Frontrunner just because I’m a gadget freak. That thing is so neat. I just found last year out a cousin of mine works at Garmin, so now I’m try to schmooze him to get me that tracker.

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