Time Will Tell

I’m obsessed with tracking my pace. Saturday morning was our team practice race. A 10K. We wore chip timers. My pace was 14:07 minutes per mile. Not bad for a novice power walker. The thing that excites me about it is that hopefully someday I can get my pace down into the 13 minute range. Sustainable for 26.2 miles? Probably not with potty breaks – but time will tell.

Today was our 13 mile walk. I know I was a lot slower. I think it’s waking up before sunrise two days in a row that got to me.

Yesterday I went to A16 to check out the Garmin gadgets. Luckily, they were sold out; so I have more time to contemplate the purchase. I think I’ll eventually splurge on one. They’re just too much fun, and too damn helpful.

I’m tired. Can you tell I don’t feel like writing? I just said to Andy, “I don’t have my blog voice.”

Sort of dreading the coming days and weeks when I’ll be treking all around Los Angeles to pick up OPJ (Other People’s Junk) for the purposes trying to sell it at our Team in Training yard sale. I still have nearly $600 to raise to make my fund raising minimum and somehow I don’t think peddling all the used copies of once ill-purchased “Lady Hawk” DVDs I can find is going to cut it. Hmm.

Could it be time to nag my relatives for more donations? Perhaps. Sigh.

I’ll be more witty in my next post.

Oh, I almost forgot: 

Accomplished to date:
23 work outs – 92 miles.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

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  1. Too bad you aren’t here in Belarus. Our sale here at the embassy was a big success. The local staff bought EVERYTHING (even used underwear went for $0.25 – LOL).

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