More walking . . .

I walked to work today.  I didn’t have a photographer on hand to capture my feet, no.  But those are my feet.  Snapped on another, not so long ago, day. 

The distance to work from my apartment – door to door – down the exact streets I traveled is 2.895 miles.  I know this because I plotted the course here.  Such a cool site!  

Knowing the distance, I approximated that it would take me about 45 minutes.  I set my timer when I left home.  It was a lovely morning for a walk.  

I passed by a school playground at recess and saw lots of short people with high pitched voices tossing balls around and running in circles.  

I passed by the Unitarian church where we had the memorial for our friend, Jim, years ago.  

I passed by a senior citizens’ home where a man in a wheelchair and a wide brimmed sun hat gave me a giant smile and an enthusiastic, “Good morning.”  

I passed another man with long white hair dressed in orange robes and flip flops.  He stopped to tell a gardener something and shook his finger in the gardener’s face.  I don’t know what he was saying because the gardener’s lawnmower made too much noise.  The gardener didn’t frown behind Orange Robe’s back, so perhaps there wasn’t a conflict after all.     

I passed two tiny dogs chasing each other – tangling their leashes.  

I passed a man wearing a tractiony metal brace – a screw crown looking sort of thing – around his head walking with a cane outside of the hospital.  He looked strong all the way to the first street sign, where he grabbed on and rested.

I passed a really nice looking funeral home where I wondered if I think about death more than I think about sex.  I got to see the DHL driver bring two boxes to the funeral director’s office.  Mail order Formaldehyde?

I passed an old priest walking east to my west.  He had a king sized half eaten Hershey’s chocolate bar in his hand and was about ready to take another bite when I smiled at him.  

I passed the beyond-natty dread haired homeless man who is always on the corner of Wilshire and Lincoln.  He had a companion with him today whose delusional cardboard sign misspelled either “faggots” or “fascists”; I passed before I could read the whole note.  

I passed by the cupcake shoppe.  

By the time I got work, my timer said 44:28.  Go figure.  I would have had a decent pace if it weren’t for all the dastardly stop lights!  

All I could think when it came time to stop moving my feet was, I want to keep going – I’ve just gotten started.  

4 thoughts on “More walking . . .

  1. I got fixated on the cupcake shoppe too!

    Way to go though…motivated to walk to work…wish I could do that then I wouldn’t have to buy new tires or road hazard insurance for said tires…(sigh)

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