Yard Sale (Prelude)

Thirty-thirty-thirty six hours to go-oh-oh.
I wanna be sedated.

I have a strong dislike for event coordination. I’m not even hosting this yard sale, I’m just one of the sellers. Still, I cannot wait until it’s over.

Lily’s kind of getting into having extra smells around the house.

There is a bright side: for the first time ever, something I’ve written has appeared in the L.A. Times! Does it still count if I had to pay to get it there? Here’s a sample:

Clothes,collectibles,toys, electronics,housewares,etc.
***All $ benefits Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!***

Meanwhile, I’m learning a lot about myself. Like, I’m not ready to give up the “With Love, Elvis” collector’s plate I bought back in 1995 at Graceland. Nor am I ready to give up the Waterford paperweight my first love’s parents gave me for high school graduation. I thought I could let them go. I went so far to see what such items are fetching at ebay. And yet, I just couldn’t bring myself to put these things into the bags on the living room floor.

During the process of gathering items for the sale, I received several wonderful household decorations, games & toys from my dear friend, E. I’m planning on sending her a thank you note for all of the great sellables.

Just tonight, though, as I opened all of the storage boxes in my closet, I realized that I also need to thank E again for all the gifts she’s given me over the years that I just cannot part with, not even while spring cleaning for charity. These are things I would never even dream of giving away – a gorgeous beaded jewelry case she gave me for my birthday one year, the engraved silver lipstick mirror she gave me when I was in her wedding, the Fairy God Mother wand she gave me when she invited me to become her first born’s god mother, the antique shoemaker’s mould she gave me back in college, the feather boa she adorned her guests with at a wonderful birthday dinner party. It all stays! Wow – What an incredibly thoughtful friend. I feel so lucky.

As I searched among all of my very favorite treasures, I encountered the voodoo doll my dad gave me from one of his trips to New Orleans way back when. It’s made almost entirely of branches and sticks. Fantastic! Mom’s birthday gifts of music boxes are kept safe in bubble wrap. Someday I’ll have enough square footage to let them encounter air and light. In the meantime, they’re kept with the other things I wouldn’t dream of letting go. Like my first cell phone.

Hello! It’s 1996 calling!

Okay. So I found a couple other things that I have to show you before I call it a night. Among my junk priceless valuables, I still have my 1950’s Barbie and her date, Ken as Elvis. Of course, these things are not still in the original packaging. Instantaneous gratification is my life force. I had to break the seal on these babies the day they swiped my card at Graceland. (Yeah, I do a lot of shopping at Gracland. So?)

Anyway – flash back to the days and nights when I would go entire weekends and the only human interaction I had was with the movie theater parking garage attendant and the pizza hut delivery man. Back then, I had a vision of building a collage showcase for my Elvis and Barbie.

Elvis would stand on this:

And Barbie would stand on this:

You can tell how lonely a woman is by how often she refills her hot glue gun.

Phew, those days are over. Past my bed time. Oh- and guess what? There’s a man in my bed! Thank goodness, the best thing about memory lane is coming back to the present. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Yard Sale (Prelude)

  1. wow…I didn’t know you were an Elvis fan…Hubby monster has the same birthday and is obsessed!

    Your displays are amazing and I am so glad that there is no need to refill your glue gun these days!

  2. My first cell phone had a bag….and weighed about 10 pounds! The year – 1993.

    I love going through my boxes of treasures. Most of my most precious things are in storage back in the states, I did bring a few things with me…those now in boxes too!

    I hope the sale is a HUGE success.

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