All grown up . . . ?

On days like today, when I’m sitting in my office working away, merrily unstapling pages and paperclipping other pages and typing numbers into the calculator and looking at spreadsheets, and then all of a sudden, a Grateful Dead song comes up on the iPod shuffle blaring some tune like “Bird Song” through each of the little speakers on my desk, I think to myself, “Is this what I thought being a grown up would be like?”

And I wonder . . . When I was out there on the staduim floors twirling, show after show, watching my skirt wave out around my 18 year old body, did I have any idea that 38 would look like this? That I would have relocated to California and made a life on my own here? That I would have waited more than a decade to meet the man of my life? That I’d be employed in the TV & Film industry? That even inside my own office, I’d feel a little guilty for stopping to write a journal entry?

I didn’t have a clue. I wonder what the next 20 years will bring. If in 1988 I couldn’t even fathom such ideas as an iPod or the internet . . . and iChat was Totally Jetsons, man, then what’s 2028 going to look like? What toys, what jobs, what endeavors, what relationships?  Jerry will still jam on whatever gizmo delivers the music, though, that’s for sure.

20 years goes by so quickly. Too fast. Too fast.  “Perhaps it was all a dream we dreamed one afternoon, long ago.”

3 thoughts on “All grown up . . . ?

  1. Mmmmmm… your post struck such a chord with me!

    The joy of the shows has never left me and I am grateful for that. I am certainly NOwhere I thought I would be all these years down the line… but I am grateful just the same!

    As for the future I guess I say…

    Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
    Dizzy with eternity.


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