Marathon Training Update

It was supposed to be 15 miles, but I miscalculated while improvising the route. Oh well.

Today was the first (and hopefully) only day that I chose to do a long walk without the team. We were all supposed to meet in a new location – Palos Verdes – at 7:15am for a hilly 15 mile work out. After waking up at 4:15am yesterday for our fundraising yard sale, and then finding out that there are no bathrooms on the Palos Verdes route, I decided that sleeping in and walking a route with the guarantee of plumbing would be a prudent move.  It’s all well and romantic to imagine a young runner peeing in the bushes, but I’m walker. It takes me nearly 4 hours to do 15 miles. I can’t stay hydrated for 4 hours without at least one potty break. So I decided to go it alone.

I’m used to seeing Venice Beach at 8am. It’s an entirely different place at 2pm on a Sunday. Visually amazing, but all together annoying while trying to maintain a pace. I cheated and went on the bike path for a bit, but felt a little worried about upsetting the cyclists. That time of weekend day, the bike path is as congested as the 405. I am glad I risked it for a short time though, because I encountered the graffiti park. This is a picture I found on the web taken of a day far less beautiful than today – but I wanted to show you how cool it is:

Over all, my time was 4 hours, 4 minutes, 45 seconds. I knew I’d lost a lot of time dodging strollers, puppies and kids too young to be on scooters in such a crowded place, not to mention waiting for the bathroom at the beach more than once. So when I saw my overall time, I figured I had probably miscalculated the distance. Sure enough upon plugging my route into the gmaps pedometer, I saw that I had only gone 14.64 miles.  

Most of that was without an iPod.  Whenever my thoughts got impatient about how long it was taking, I just repeated to myself, “Be present.  Be present.”  I learned that it’s much easier to think about what’s right in front of you than to build up anxiety about how much longer there is to go.  

Huge lesson of the day: GO EARLIER.  I became completely allergic to the crowds.  I think that’s how I cheated myself out of the last .40 of a mile.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of going back to the tourists walking along the beach view park.

All in all, a good day, though.  

Accomplished to date:
27 work outs – 119.52 miles.
$2019 raised to fight cancer.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

  1. The graffiti park is much prettier than the graffiti in my park here! 14.64 miles is a GREAT accomplishment, that’s more than 1/2 way!

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