Yeah, I’m pretty much a badass

I had so much fun today!! Coaches lied. They promised us a 20 mile work out and we only went 19.77.

I’m so proud of my walking partner K. We both had personal records — walked farther than we ever had before. Coach offered me the use of his Garmin GPS tracker again and our average pace (stopping the clock for each potty break) was 15:10 minute miles. We actually sped up as we went along – which was the goal.

Unfortunately, I needed to make 3 (or was it 4?) potty stops. Once, an entire team of bikers all dressed alike beat us to the 76 station, so we lost at least 8 minutes off the clock waiting our turn. Consequently, our overall time wasn’t as good as I would have hoped. Pace with the breaks included was only 16.439 minute miles. Damn. 

What I’m I saying? It was fantastic.

I learned that Chocolate Gu tastes great, gives me a nice chatty buzz, but I’m thinking it’s a little more of a diuretic than I actually want in my life right now.  Enough said. 

When I got home, Andy had the griddle ready.  He made pancakes right after he nursed my knee. I’m the luckiest girl alive.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m pretty much a badass

  1. Congratulations, if you think that the training walks are good, wait until you are crossing the finish line for the marathon. I am not sure how you can eat the Gu.

  2. The last 20 hours have taught me that recovering from 19.77 miles (with a two week old fall, and a current fall) is a lot more difficult than recovering from an 18 mile walk. Ouchie. I was laid up all afternoon yesterday. And while the cool weather was a driving force during the walk, my new sore throat is noticeable. I took a Dayquil and it’s serving as a nice all-over pain killer.

    On a happy note, my feet are holding up really well. BodyGlide, Vaseline, and Wright Socks ROCK! Purple Toe appears to be holding its own. I guess nails can only die once.

    The best part is that when I think about marathon day, I’m really happy and excited. I’m also really looking forward to having Andy with me in San Diego. He was such a life saver yesterday.

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