But the Top Chefs make it look so easy

Water; not boiling.

Okay.  So the salt goes in AFTER the water reaches a boil.  Wish I had paid attention to that fact three hours ago when I started this project.  

The plan was to make a mac & cheese casserole for a vegetarian friend of mine who just had a baby.  I love the custom of bringing home cooked meals to new parents.  Then I got this annoying cold and decided that I better not risk infecting the fledging nor her sleep deprived parents with my germs.  Besides, I was also a little nervous trying out a new recipe for a gift.

Better to practice on Andy.

It required making a roux and from that a béchamel sauce.  Is it just me, or does the word “béchamel” remind anyone else of the Smurfs?

Total success.

I had chosen this recipe because the description said, “The texture is simply amazing – smooth but not runny, cheesy but without clumping or separating.”  You know what?  It’s true! 

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