Marathon Training Update

Accomplished to date:
30 work outs – 168.52 miles.
(It’s actually supposed to be a lot higher, but I’ve been slacking majorly on my mid week workouts!)
$2330 raised to fight cancer.
Stay tuned as these numbers grow.
Here’s to a cure in our lifetime!

That wicked cold that caused me to stay home from work on Tuesday actually got worse later in the week. Cough, chest congestion, yuck!  I’ve been resting all day.  Not quite sure I’m up for the 12 mile taper workout (in 700 degree weather) tomorrow.  But I think I’ll go.  

Even though waking up at 6am on Sunday totally bites, (especially when you’re sick) I kind of enjoy seeing my teammates.  I don’t know very many of them by name, but I find being in their presence really inspiring.  

Only two more Sunday practices before marathon day.  Wow!  This is like sitting in the roller coaster, locking that safety harness into place and beginning to hear the motor pull us forward. We’re headed towards that starting line. This is living.    

P.S. – I must just point out that the photo featured at this post is an actual candid shot of my teammates working out.  I’ve cropped it to protect their anonymity.  Each time I scroll past it here, I think, wow, they look just like models on a print ad.  They look great!  I’m so proud of my mates!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

  1. Yay!! It’s amazing how easy 12 miles is. Even though it’s 84 degrees, even though my IT band really acted up in my left knee, even though I forgot to bring my ibu! 12 miles = CAKE!

    (I know, I’m supposed to be on aceta instead of ibu, but I haven’t given aceta a 20 mile test run, so I’m going to have to stick w/ ibu on this marathon.) “This marathon” as opposed to future marathons? Hell, yeah! I’m only 38. This is a long life!

    Next week is an 8 miler & then it’s on to San Diego!

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