My knee is talking to me

Starting at about mile 7 . . .  “Hi, I’m your Iliotibial Band, remember me?  We met a couple weeks ago, but you didn’t know my name then.”  

Mile 8.5 . . . a little louder, “So, yeah, we’re going to get to know each other really well.  You can call me I.T. band for short.”

Mile 10 . . . louder than all my other thoughts, “Every little step you take, here I am. Hello! Hello! Hi there! I.T. Band here.”    

Miles 9 – 12 yesterday were pretty much all focused on pain management.  I’m thinking that resting and lots of stretching for the next couple weeks, plus a dose of ibu on the day of and I’ll make it through the marathon.  Oh, I’ll make through no matter what.  The only question is just how badly it’ll hurt.  It’s a good sign that I didn’t feel any pain at all for the first 7 miles yesterday. 

Coach sent me a whole set of stretches to make the damn thing shut up. It’s really interesting how today after doing a couple stretches, I can take a few steps without any pain.  But on the fourth step, there’s a quiet, “Hi!”       

3 thoughts on “My knee is talking to me

  1. i was first introduced to my IT band at mile 18, i didnt think it was the IT band, as the excruciating pain was in my left hip (i thought maybe i was wonky, or it was the camber of the road), as i thought IT bands were al about the knees. next long run, my pain threshhold was able to take it up another 3 and a half miles before pain and stopping. thats the longest ive gone. im really worried if i can only add another 3 and a half miles eaach time,,,,well, that doesnt add up to 26.2. there are some stretches for IT band/hip pain, but none of those groovy little braces or straps like there are for knee/IT band pain. i totally understand your nerves.

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