Why am I awake at 12:41am . . .

. . . when I have a big day at work tomorrow?  

Just found my way to someone else’s blog . . . . she recently ran the 1st training session of her 2nd marathon season.  She sounded discouraged, doubtful, determined.  And she mentioned a quote I’ve never heard before, “twenty miles of hope, six miles of truth.”

Tonight as I limped away from the grocery store — using the cart more as a walker than I care to admit, for the very first time I thought, “What if the pain gets to be too much?”  Then came a whole series of responses:

Don’t even imagine that. . . You’ve never thought like that before. . . You’ll take more ibu and you’ll drink plenty of water. . . Ibu doesn’t upset your stomach. . . You’ll stretch. . . You’ll stop and go and stop and go and cry and go until you reach the finish line. . . Don’t think that way. . . You’ll stretch now. . . It won’t get that bad.

I just keep thinking, “I’m only a walker. How do the runners do it?”

At another blog, I learned about Grandma Lee. She ran her 100th marathon last Sunday. She ran her first one when she was 49. So there’s time. 

Today I ordered the Garmin Gizmo. (Forerunner 205). I just realized that after two long walks with GPS pacing, I’m not going to want to face race day without keeping an eye on those numbers.  Sometimes I can get down into the 12 minute range.  I haven’t been able to sustain it yet, but it’s a goal.  If only my IT band will heal or lengthen or whatever it needs to do, then I can get back to work on the speed.  Not for this marathon, but for some race in the future. 

I don’t want to become a runner. Walking is my sport. I want to walk faster.  Coach says, “You’ll beat some of the runners.”  I think, Yeah, the injured ones.  He’s just being nice.  But some day maybe I really will be fast.  

4 thoughts on “Why am I awake at 12:41am . . .

  1. Best of luck in your marathon. I’m with you on the walking, my personal best was 5:40. I did find that I was finishing with people that had started running. On my third marathon a funny thing happenned about mile 21, a lady ran up to me and the person I was walking with and slowed in disbelief. She had seen our number and thought that we looked fresh and like we were out for a summer walk. I guess we were.

  2. Wow! 5:40 — WOW! That’s under a 13 minute mile. Fantastic!
    Thanks, oregonhiker. I’m going to hold on to your stories for hope that someday I can be faster, too.

  3. Hey there lady!! Thanks so much for the fantastic package!!! I love everything – even wore the ring to work today! I’ll get photos posted up on my blog soon!

    It was a great project to participate in – Thirty Voices opened my eyes about so many similarities between women across the world. It was great to “meet” you!

  4. i saw an interview between kristinn and lance armstrong where they said that the 20 mile marker of a marathon is the true first half of it. its so true. that last 6 miles may as well be another 20. everyone says the adrenaline and crowd and music that day will be enough to keep me going, but i don’t see how cheering can be an antidote for physical pain. i bloody hope so.

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